2. Sunnyvale, California

February 16, 2019

Photo Credit: Yuval Helfman / Alamy Stock Photo

Overall health score: 91.2Physically healthy at least 14 days in a month: 92.3%Mentally healthy at least 14 days in a month: 91.9%Sufficient sleep (>7 hours/night): 69.6%Physically active: 83.4%Health insurance coverage rate: 92.3%Binge drinking rate: 14.8%Smoking rate: 8.6%Obesity rate: 17.2%

Sunnyvale is the third city from the Bay Area to appear on this list. Compared to rest of the U.S., Sunnyvale has both the lowest smoking rate and the highest rate of mentally healthy residents of any large city. Additionally, this Silicon Valley city reports one of the highest rates of health insurance coverage in the country.