KELLY’S WORLD: Innocent Until Proven Guilty

September 19, 2018


Dan Sansky said I was wrong about him. Said I ruined his reputation. Said I unfairly called him as a charlatan taking advantage of taxpayers and students of the Scranton School District.

Sansky said he was an innocent victim of my insurgent words.

The former school district “fleet manager” was arrested Tuesday morning while I dozed on an Outer Banks beach miraculously spared by Hurricane Florence. I was in a blissful state of vacation, but regretted not being present when Sansky was charged with seven felonies, including corrupt organizations, dealing in unlawful proceeds, criminal conspiracy and theft by deception.

Sansky is innocent until proven guilty.

So am I.

Place your bets now.

During a mid-May raid on Danny’s Auto Service, state investigators removed boxes of evidence from Sansky’s West Elm Street garage. After the cops pulled out, Sansky fled under a hard rain.

An honest man smiles for the camera. Sansky ducked.

I called Sansky on his cellphone after the raid. Incredibly, he answered.

“You’re an awful, nasty man,” Sansky said. “You said I did things I never did. You ruined my life and it’s going to haunt you. I have all the people in place to haunt you.”

I asked Sansky whether I should consider that a threat. He called me a “(bleeping) puke” and hung up.

That was then. This is now. The grand jury presentment sheds immediate light on how Sansky banked $672,321 over six years without filing required tax forms.

I’m on vacation and haven’t digested the whole presentment. Judging by the names that caught my jaundiced eye on first pass — Lesh, Sunday, Brazil, DeNaples — it’s going to be great beach reading.

CHRIS KELLY, the Times-Tribune columnist, knew this would happen the minute he went on vacation. Contact the writer: kellysworld@ timesshamrock.com, @cjkink on Twitter. Read his award-winning blog at timestribuneblogs.com/kelly.

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