Sandbag collecting ends in Madison; one final round of yard waste collection

November 27, 2018

Sandbags and yard waste are not long for being on curbs in Madison.

Madison street crews will be making a final sweep through the flood zone areas to pick up the remainder of sandbags put at curbside by Sunday, the deadline for getting sandbags out for pickup.

Thousands of sandbags were used in flood zones and other areas of the city in late August and early September, to stave off flooding following historic rains.

Crews from the Madison Streets Division were collecting sandbags the past few weeks, but are now switching to other duties.

“Once this final sweep through the flood zone areas is complete, crews and equipment will be reassigned to other priorities,” said Streets Division spokesman Bryan Johnson.

Residents who still have sandbags can do several things, such as keeping them for future use, cutting the bags open and putting sand on their own property, or returning sandbags to the old Cub Foods location at 4141 Nakoosa Trail for disposal.

Johnson said residents will also have another opportunity to get rid of sandbags at curbside when spring collection starts in 2019.

Yard waste and leaf collecting is also in its final days, with crews making a final round of stops before switching to snow removal duties.

To find out if your neighborhood still has a pickup coming, or if pickups are done on your street, go to the city’s website at http://www.cityofmadison.com/streets/yardWaste/leaf/

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