Bullet pierces window in mid-day shooting in downtown Garner

May 12, 2019

Garner police say a man told them he was shot Saturday afternoon while walking on West Garner Road. A bullet went through the front of a laundromat while customers were inside.

No one inside was injured. The man who was shot was able to get himself to the hospital.

Police didn’t release any suspect information, but they were looking for a white van and a small, gray SUV.

Eyad Atiyeh, who owns the property, said his first concern when he heard about the shooting was for his customers.

“I was shocked because, look at where we are at, we’re in downtown Garner. That’s supposed to be a really quiet area,” he said.

Atiyeh said several people were inside doing their laundry when the shooting happened. He is grateful that they are OK.

“It was just the window and we can fix that,” he said. “Thank God, thank God nobody got hurt.”

Investigators are also gathering surveillance video from nearby businesses to see if they captured anything useful for police.