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Elderly Man Evicted From Home By Minister Son

December 10, 1986

ORANGE, Calif. (AP) _ A minister has evicted his 81-year-old father from a family home in the culmination of a 35-year-old feud, authorities said.

Luis Vaca Gallardo and one of his nine daughters, Lucille Gallardo, were escorted by three marshals out of the home Tuesday morning without incident, said Orange County marshal’s Lt. Mike Carona.

″As far as we know, they left in their car, and we don’t know where they were going to,″ Carona said. ″I think this one is unique, because the father is so old and the son is evicting him.″

The eviction ended the squabble pitting Gallardo and one daughter against Gallardo’s son, Felipe Vaca Hernandez, and Gallardo’s eight other daughters.

″We let them take out whatever they can take out. We escort them outside, lock up the premises and they are told not to go back,″ Carona said, explaining the eviction procedure.

Hernandez, 62, pastor of the Apostolic Assembly Church of the Faith in Jesus Christ, won the eviction order several weeks ago from Orange County Municipal Court Judge Richard W. Stanford.

Stanford ruled that the elderly man owed his son $2,620 in unpaid rent for the three-bedroom home.

Gallardo argued that his son was refusing the rent in an effort to have him kicked out so the house could be leased at a higher price.

The feud began in 1951, when Gallardo’s ex-wife deeded the house to their son in appreciation for his help in raising the family, said Hernandez’s lawyer, Richard Politiski.

But Gallardo said his son got the house in return for a promise to take care of him in his old age. Gallardo moved back into the house in 1976, 22 years after he and his wife divorced.

The couple bought the house in the 1930s with Mrs. Gallardo’s money, and she contended in court papers that Gallardo’s signature was included on property documents only because they were married.

Gallardo said Hernandez resented him for leaving him behind in Mexico, to be raised by his grandparents when Gallardo and his wife moved to Orange.

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