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Security Council Examines ‘Depraved’ Iraqi Human Rights Abuse With PM-Gulf-UN, Bjt

November 27, 1990

UNITED NATIONS (AP) _ Iraqi soldiers in Kuwait have killed children in front of their parents and tortured prisoners with electric shocks and by beating the soles of their feet, Kuwait’s government-in-exile said today.

Kuwaiti U.N. Ambassador Mohammad Abulhasan said ″116 days have passed since the flagrant Iraqi aggression against all international laws and covenants, especially against the laws and values of our Islamic religion.″

″Individual and mass arrests are unabated ... brutal torture of Kuwaitis continues in Kuwait itself″ and in Iraqi prisons, Abulhasan said.

Kuwait introduced a draft resolution before the Security Council asking the United Nations to take custody of all its census and demographic records, which were smuggled out of Kuwait on 25 computer discs after the Aug. 2 invasion.

Iraq has been seizing and destroying all citizenship records from Kuwaiti citizens in an attempt to erase their national identity, and has moved more than 100,000 Iraqis into occupied Kuwait to change its demographic character.

As the Security Council members began their session, they gazed at enlargements of color photographs placed in the council chamber showing mutilated Kuwaiti citizens.

At the urgent request of Kuwait, the Security Council took up the issue today and Wednesday, hearing from six or seven Kuwaiti refugees who escaped their homeland.

The Security Council’s rules allow non-diplomats to address the body, but U.N. officials with up to 30 years’ experience said they could not recall the council ever hearing such testimony.

The debate on alleged Iraqi brutality is expected to harden the Security Council’s resolve for Thursday, when the five permanent members introduce a resolution that would allow U.S.-allied troops to drive Iraq from Kuwait if Saddam Hussein does not withdraw by January.

Abulhasan also plans to show the council members videotape to support his assertions.

Iraq has denied Kuwait’s accusations of rights abuse since its invasion of Kuwait and no longer replies to individual allegations. Abulhasan’s charges could not be independently verified.

In a letter to the Security Council, Abulhasan said that ″over the last three weeks, the occupying forces have shown their true colors and revealed themselves as perfidious and depraved.″

He cited eyewitness accounts of the murder of children, including a Palestinian who said he and other drivers were detained in Kuwait.

″Then the street they were in was cleared and all who lived there were interrogated. The soldiers then opened fire on five little Kuwaiti girls who were blindfolded,″ Abulhasan said.

In another incident, ″Iraqi soldiers opened fire and killed three Kuwaiti children in front of a supermarket.

″The children, aged 7 to 8 years old, were innocently chanting the national anthem of Kuwait and shouting the name of Sheikh Jaber al-Ahmed al- Sabah, the emir, as a group of Iraqi soldiers opened fire and shot them dead in front of their mother, who had a nervous breakdown,″ Abulhasan said.

In another instance, army troops arrested three small girls. Ten days later they returned them to their homes, and opened fire on them in full view of their parents, said Abulhasan.

Mullahs at mosques who did not cooperate in spreading propaganda for Saddam’s ruling Baath Party have been killed or tortured, he said.

Torture victims, including Indians, Moroccans, Egyptians and Kuwaitis, report a typical pattern of abuse, said Abulhasan.

″Detainees were continually tortured by having electric cables attached to sensitive parts of their bodies and were whipped on the soles of the feet until they bled,″ Abulhasan said.

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