Evers must shout loudly about Walker -- Steve Zanon

August 30, 2018

Sadly, Democratic candidate for governor Tony Evers needs to take a lesson in talking loud from President Donald Trump and Gov. Scott Walker. Prime-time TV ads accusing Evers, the state superintendent of schools, of ignoring teacher misconduct must be terrifying to children returning to school, and they are profanely inaccurate.

A teacher with sexually improper emails had some protection under the law, and Evers abided the law. Then, finding this morally unacceptable, Evers worked to change the law to tighten teacher conduct. None of this is in these smear ads -- truth doesn’t get much traction in a Walker election campaign.

Not long ago John Doe investigations resulted in the convictions of six of Gov. Walker’s immediate subordinates. Charges included campaigning on the government payroll (Darlene Wink and Kelly Rindfleisch), embezzling from veteran’s groups (Kevin Kavanaugh and Tim Russell), money laundering (Bill Gardner), and sending lewd texts to a minor (Brian Pierick).

Walker never answered a peep for any of this because that is the kind of leader he is. He got busy stripping bargaining rights and voting rights from citizens, fast tracking mining permits, suppressing climate change language, rolling back wetlands, even ending 48-hour waiting period for guns.

Walker has been an abysmal governor, and Evers needs to shout it loudly.

Steve Zanon, Middleton

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