Terry Richardson: Don’t force your choices on me

January 8, 2019

Editor: The amendments to the constitution were added for a reason. The right to bear arms was to protect us from other foreign invaders and from our own government should it be necessary. Remember we had not long departed English rule. Was the 2nd amendment a wise thing? What happens when the government has all the guns and you have none? I recall the name Hitler and the demise of more than 6 million people. This country was built on checks and balances which have worked so far. Chicago has strict gun control and more murders than any other city in the U.S. I do not condone assault weapons, nor do I see a reason for them in public hands. I have had guns for over 60 years and they are nice guns, they have never shot anyone. For those of you that don’t want guns, then don’t have them, but don’t force your choices on me. That is the best gun control I can think of.

Terry Richardson

Lake Havasu City

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