Orchids and Onions: Wednesday, May 1, 2019

May 1, 2019

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to keeping our constitutional rights, even after finding out a dishonest, slumpy, gray, old human tried to take that amendment away with false claims. What an awful human! All of our letters to the proper agencies have worked. Goes to show liars are losers, no matter how far they run.

Onions to the guy on the talk radio who says I’m crazy for thinking I should get something back from Social Security. I paid in my whole life. With interest, that’s over $500,000. Bad politics.

Orchids to living in a small town. The locals hold the door open, say please and thank you and even say hi and smile as you pass by. Ahh, life is good in little ol’ Havasu.

Onions to the hillbillies. Making an elderly woman pay for your food and cocktails. I gave great service, fixed your shrimp dish, extra bread, cut your crab legs and you left me not even 10%. You should have been paying for her meal and tipped at least 15%. Thanks a lot!

Orchids to all who keep your pets well-behaved. To those who are living with, what we can only assume are obtuse, dog owners who allow never ending barking, then lie about the problem and retaliate with false claims, we say wait two years. They will move on to start terrorizing someone else.

Onions to Lake Havasu Building Department for allowing a monstrosity of a metal garage to be built on a single lot without any living quarters. I wish everyone would drive by and decide if that is what you would want next door to your home. Disgusting what our city now allows!

Orchids and congratulations to Milemarkers students and staff for presenting an extraordinary talent show!

Onions to the nosey couple. The next time you have an emergency let us know and we will come stand out front of your place to gawk. How would you like that!

Orchids to the joke referring to socialism as being about socializing with your neighbors and other people when it is obviously a freedom ending form of government. Thanks, after all, laughing is the best medicine! DQ

Onions to the motorcycles and side by sides that run the streets at 3 a.m. with motors revved and radios blaring! How rude!

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