Man found sleeping in someone else’s car arrested on trespassing charge

March 5, 2019

A Lake Havsu City man got an early morning surprise Saturday when he found another man sleeping in his vehicle.

According to Lake Havasu City Police, an unidentified homeowner attempted to get something out of his 2017 Hyundai Accent at 4 a.m. Saturday when he saw Mathew Ryan Smith, 37, of Havasu, sleeping in the driver’s seat. The man attempted to wake Smith by setting the alarm off and banging on the window. When police arrived, an officer woke Smith up. The officer said he could smell a “strong odor of liquor” from inside the vehicle.

Smith told police he didn’t know why he was in the car. He said he was drinking at bars Friday night and was “being responsible” by walking home, but couldn’t recall how he ended up asleep in someone else’s car. Smith was arrested and booked into Lake Havasu City Jail on a misdemeanor charge of second-degree trespassing.