JERUSALEM (AP) _ Israeli police have arrested three Orthodox Jews suspected of setting fire to a Conservative synagogue in Jerusalem and vandalizing a sanctuary of Messianic Jews, officials said Wednesday.

The suspects were arrested in the last two days, Jerusalem police spokeswoman Sigal Toledo said. One is a minor.

The suspects, secular Jews who recently became religious, are suspected in the June 24 firebombing at the Ramot Forest synagogue, affiliated with the Conservative stream of Judaism.

Several prayer books and chairs were lost in the fire. The damage was estimated at several thousands of dollars.

The synagogue, located in the well-to-do section of Jerusalem's Ramot neighborhood, had been the target of demonstrations and protests by ultra-Orthodox Jews before.

In addition, police suspect the three of attacking a sanctuary where Messianic Jews worship in downtown Jerusalem. That attack was two days after the firebombing at the Ramot synagogue. Torah scrolls were stolen and the assailants _ unsuccessfully _ tried to set fire to the building.

Messianic Jews accept Jesus as the messiah, while maintaining Jewish rituals and practices.