Unabomber Suspect Theodore Kacynski Wrote `I Intend To Start Killing People' in His Journal, Government Documents Show

``They are bound to make me out to be a sickie,'' the Unabomber suspect allegedly wrote in a journal entry submitted by a psychiatrist for the government, which has argued that Kaczynski is not mentally ill.

``I intend to start killing people,'' said the entry.

``If I am successful at this, it is possible that, when I am caught (not alive, I fervently hope!) there will be some speculation in the news media as to my motives for killing people (as in the case of Charles Whitman, who killed some 13 people in Texas in the '60s).''

Whitman actually killed a total of 16 people, including his mother and wife before climbing to the top of a tower at the University of Texas in Austin and gunning down another 14. He also wounded 31 before being killed by police.