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Bright and Brief

January 13, 1988

MARKSVILLE, La. (AP) _ Some towns count heads, but the mayor of this community wanted to count seats - toilet seats.

After the City Council balked Tuesday at Mayor Richard Michel’s idea of a potty poll, he abandoned the idea, saying the city will have to trust its 5,406 residents to be honest in paying the monthly $3 per toilet sewerage tax.

Michel suggested the toilet tally when the sewerage system began running a monthly deficit of about $1,000. Some people were not paying taxes on all of the toilets in their homes and businesses, he said.

After withdrawing his proposal, the mayor said: ″We will have to hope everyone is being honest and is paying the right amount. We will have to rely on the honor system.″

But, just in case, he also urged public-spirited folks to report anyone not paying taxes on all of their toilets.

Marksville is in central Louisiana, 30 miles southeast of Alexandria.


LOS ANGELES (AP) - Bozo the Clown may actually be a Bozette.

Several women turned out at Tuesday’s audition for a new generation of Bozo talent, and spokesman Jerry Digney said, ″They did very well.″

There is nothing to preclude a woman from being Bozo. Both youngsters and adults would be hard-pressed to detect the gender of the person behind the white face paint, baggy suit and dual shocks of orange hair, said Digney, who is vice president for marketing for Larry Harmon Pictures Corp.

Harmon, who conceived the Bozo character 37 years ago and who rode herd on the audition at the First United Methodist Church in Hollywood, said he has trained more than 180 people to portray Bozo. But there has never been a female beneath the grease-paint.

″We’ve never had a woman apply before,″ said Digney.

About 400 people turned out seeking the 10 openings as Bozo. Once the lucky 10 are picked, Harmon will train them ″in the Bozo philosophy,″ said Digney.

They’ll be added to the army of 40 Bozos who already perform for children around the nation and overseas.


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) - Walking into the detectives’ lobby at police headquarters now leaves any hardened criminal with a lasting impression, but some officers say it’s the wrong one.

″You bring a guy in and you say, ’We’re going through the pink room now,″ said Detective Don Kolar.

The walls were painted last week amid remodeling at the detective bureau. Peach was the intended color - but, according to some, not the end result.

When it comes to coaxing burglars into snitching, for example, the color pink just doesn’t get the needed respect, detectives said.

Secretary Patty Stoutamyer, who objects to those who make fun of the bureau’s new color, said she asked for peach walls, just as requested by Deputy Chief of Investigations Don Mitchell.

However, the mix apparently didn’t do the trick and, to most people, including Stoutamyer and Mitchell, the bureau’s walls appear pink.

Mitchell said he will probably order a new color for the lobby in the spring.

″Anything neutral will do,″ he said.

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