Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons tributes set for two area theaters

September 1, 2018
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Lights Out will sing the songs of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons at back-to-back Westmoreland County shows.

August really isn’t Frankie Valli month locally -- even though it may seem like it.

Tributes to Valli and the Four Seasons will be staged by the national touring group Lights Out in back-to-back Westmoreland County shows Aug 16 at the Lamp Theatre, Irwin, and Aug. 17 at the Casino Theatre, Vandergrift.

Then six days later, on Aug.23, Frankie Valli himself will perform in Heinz Hall, Pittsburgh.

Timeless sounds

“Music like this is timeless. It has a great melody, great harmonies, and good stories. Anyone can be brought back to a time in their life where this music and the story apply,” says Rob Fleishman, one of the members of Lights Out.

The quartet that has been together for 20 years since coming together in Delaware as an a cappella group.

Interesting origins

“We started doing our Valli tribute because our agent booked us for a show before we had the show created. He asked us if we would be interested in doing a Frankie Valli show,” Fleishman says. “We said, ‘Sure,’ and he said, ‘Good, because you are booked for one in six months.’ ”

Popular with fans

This will be Lights Out’s fourth time at the Lamp and its debut at the Casino, although the group performed at the Italian festival in Vandergrift several years ago.

“People who see the show for the first time can expect great songs, sounds, choreography, humor, and a lead singer, Chad Moroz, who, if you close your eyes, you would think that it’s a young Frankie Valli himself,” Fleishman says.

A musical icon

“I love performing the songs of such a musical icon. They bring back a lot of memories for people and I enjoy seeing their faces when I go into the audience and sing directly to them,” Moroz says. “The songs are just iconic and bring people to an exact time in their lives. I’ve seen people laugh and cry when we perform them.”

What to expect

The live experience is different at every show.

“We never know how the audience will react to different things we do to interact with them. That makes the show fresh and new every time,” Fleishman says.

Everyone welcome

Members of Lights Out can see all ages in the audience.

“It’s a family friendly show and with the Broadway hit, “The Jersey Boys,” the age range of our audience has really opened up,” Fleishman says. “In fact, one of our biggest fans is an 8-year old little boy named Spencer.”

He believes a new generation is embracing this music.

“It’s great music, with clean lyrics that an entire family can listen to together. It’s danceable music and, with our group being so young, it allows us to connect with a younger concert-goer.”

With their lead singer sounding just like Valli, it would appear that they are imitating the originals, Fleishman says.

“However, we are doing our best to capture the essence of the Four Seasons and all of their great songs and choreography while making sure our own personalities shine through,” he says.

“We start at the beginning and work our way through the decades of their music with some surprises woven into our show.”

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