Disease, flooding hurting corn crop in southern Wisconsin, report says

September 26, 2018

Disease and flood damage continue to impact corn fields in southern Wisconsin, while rain slowed the harvest of crops in some parts of the state.

The crop progress report from the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service for the week ending Sept. 23 said heavy rain up to 5 inches in spots led to muddy field conditions and standing water, slowing the harvest in some areas, while other areas were in full harvest mode.

“With 5 inches of rain on Thursday, field work stopped,” a Barron County report said.

“An additional 3 inches or more of rain this week made field conditions extremely difficult for harvesting equipment to get into the fields,” an Adams/Juneau County report said.

Disease was a concern in Lafayette County.

“Diseased corn stalks are very weak and are causing harvest problems in the area,” a report said. “Test weights are a little low to normal in most areas, depending on when disease pathogens entered the plant.”

The setbacks were secondary to the harvest getting into full swing and crops rapidly drying down.

“Corn was being harvested for silage and high moisture grain, soybean combining was beginning and the fourth cutting of hay was ongoing,” the progress report said.

The corn crop statewide was rated 73 percent good to excellent, with 91 percent dented and 55 percent mature. Corn harvested for grain was four percent complete and corn for silage was 60 percent harvested.

The soybean crop was 76 percent good to excellent, with leaves turning color on 90 percent of the crop and 64 percent was dropping leaves. The harvest was five percent complete.

Potatoes were 78 percent good to excellent, with the crop 50 percent harvested.

The fourth cutting of alfalfa was 77 percent complete, 31 percent of winter wheat was planted and 16 percent emerged, pasture was 69 percent good to excellent and fall tillage was three percent complete.

Soil moisture was abundant, with both subsoil and topsoil measurements at 97 percent adequate to surplus.

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