Trump holds conference call with pro-life activists over late-term abortion

February 14, 2019

President Trump held a conference call from the Oval Office Thursday with thousands of pro-life activists about the “chilling disregard for life” in some states controlled by Democrats.

Following up on his State of the Union address that criticized late-term abortion measures in Virginia and New York state, Mr. Trump and White House counselor Kellyanne Conway spoke with about 4,500 participants on the call, the White House said.

“Recently, our country has witnessed a chilling disregard for life as some states have taken up legislation that would legalize abortion up until just moments before a child’s birth,” the White House said. “President Trump and his administration are committed to defending and protecting the gift of life.”

The White House and GOP see the issue as one of the clearest dividing lines with Democrats heading into the 2020 election cycle.

Mr. Trump recently told Congress in a letter that he will veto any legislation that weakens “existing federal protections of innocent life.” The White House noted that Mr. Trump also has reinstated and expanded the so-called “Mexico City policy,” preventing foreign aid from being used to support abortion, and has proposed a regulation to ensure taxpayer dollars from the Title X family planning program are not used to fund abortion.