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Captain to face the music if any ball tampering

October 9, 2013

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — The captain will be held responsible if an umpire discovers ball tampering but not the culprit during an international match, according to new ICC rules.

If an umpire spots a change in the condition of the ball, he will issue a first and final warning to the captain and the ball will be changed, the International Cricket Council said in a statement on the changes which came into effect on Tuesday.

In case the ball is tampered with again, the bowling team will face a five-run penalty and umpires will not only change the ball again but the captain will be held responsible and reported.

The Decision Review System has also been tweaked for a trial period of six months until April 2014. It came into effect with the start of the first test between Bangladesh and New Zealand at Chittagong on Wednesday.

Teams can top up their DRS reviews to two after the completion of 80 overs in each innings of a test. A change was proposed after the recent Ashes series in England was blighted by poor umpiring calls.

In one-day internationals, there are two white balls which are used from both ends. But the ICC said if the match is reduced to 25 overs or less per side before the first innings of an ODI commences, each team shall have only one ball.

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