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Fans Have Mixed Reaction to Schott’s Punishment

June 13, 1996

CINCINNATI (AP) _ Marge Schott’s pressured decision to give up day-to-day control of the Cincinnati Reds received mixed reactions in and around her hometown.

``I’m disappointed, but only because I think she’s a crazy old lady. I don’t think its going to make one iota of difference on the way the team is perceived,″ said Dianne Krupp of Park Hills in northern Kentucky.

Roy Stanfield of Warsaw, Ind., didn’t think the punishment was enough.

``I think it amounts to a slap on the wrist for Marge,″ Stanfield said. ``Really, I think she should be banned from baseball forever. It’s a bad deal.″

Under an agreement reached Wednesday, Schott relinquished day-to-day control of the Reds’ operation until the end of the 1998 season.

Linda Sawyers of Delhi Township, a Cincinnati suburb, sympathized with Schott, who has been the team’s chief executive officer since 1985.

``I like Marge. I don’t have anything bad to say about her. I think she had a right to say what she wants to say,″ said Sawyers.

Schott got into trouble in part because of her remarks about Asian-Americans, blacks, Jews and working women .

``She has a right to say what she thinks, even though her opinions are a little unintellectual,″ said Andy Dobur of Cincinnati. ``The suspension she got was a little too harsh for the comments she made. I think she lets her emotions talk before she thinks.″

Cincinnati city councilman Charles Winburn said the agreement was the best decision for both Schott and baseball.

``Marge is my friend, but at the same time, Marge’s inappropriate comments did not serve her well or the city well,″ Winburn said.

Hamilton County commissioner Bob Bedinghaus lamented the situation.

``No matter how you feel about Marge Schott, it’s a sad day in Cincinnati. I think what we’re seeing is the end of the Marge Schott era,″ Bedinghaus said.

Phil Beran, 31, of Cincinnati, opposed the suspension.

``I think it’s another way of big business controlling someone’s personal life,″ Beran said. ``She’s not the best spokesman for the Reds. I think she means well.″

Cathie Cunningham of Cincinnati said she thinks the suspension will be good for Schott.

``She needs to relax and let everyone leave her alone for a while,″ Cunningham said.

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