William Pike: Don’t let taxpayers foot bill for new stadiums

December 17, 2018


Why should the taxpayers pay for a stadium for a game that is played so that some beer swilling neanderthals can watch a child’s game on television or pay for an expensive seat and pay exorbitant prices for food and drink to watch in person? They say that it will bring a lot of business to the area, so let the businesses pay for the new stadium. they say that the food area is antiquated and the bathrooms are inadequate; so remodel them. And let the food concessions pay for the remodeling. They are the ones making big dollars for a drink and chips. Out of the millions of taxpayers paying for a new stadium, only a few can attend to watch a game, so why should we taxpayers pay for a stadium we cannot even get a ticket to watch? Here’s a fresh idea, let the millionaire players pay for the stadium . Charge them 10 percent of their paycheck for the privilege of playing a child’s game. It will be a tax deduction for them when they file in April.

William Pike

Lake Havasu City

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