High school hosts job fair

October 4, 2018

In conjunction with parent-teacher conferences, David City High School hosted a career night on Thursday, Sept 27.

The Future Fair had 27 booths featuring various local business, colleges and military recruiters. Brenda Siffring, David City High School counselor, said the goal was to expose students to career and higher education opportunities after high school.

“Looks like we have a pretty good response, and I hope there’s more as the night gets going,” Siffring said about the fair 15 minutes after it started. “It exposes our students to all the possibilities, gets them thinking about what they want to do for the future.”

The event was geared toward seventh through 12th graders. Siffring said seniors from Aquinas Catholic Schools and East Butler High School were also invited and the event planned for about 125 students.

Ronda Gestring, career education director at David City High School, said the goal of the event was to introduce students to local career opportunities.

“We have some junior high kids here, all the way from junior high to seniors, and they don’t know what they want to do. So this gives them the chance to kind of see what’s out there,” she said about the fair.

At the Future Fair was a raffle drawing for two $500 scholarships. Students got tickets for the raffle from visiting a certain number of booths at the fair. Siffring said the money for the scholarships was provided by the school’s General Scholarship Fund and would be paid to the raffle winners after completing their first semester of college, just so long as they were set to enroll for their second semester.

Representatives from local colleges like Doane University, Central Community College and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln were at the fair. Businesses like John Deere, Henningsen Foods and Bank of the Valley were also present.

Tiffany Busch manned the booth for Butler County Health Care Center. She said it was good for the hospital to educate students on the career opportunities they have to offer.

“I think it’s important because then they can see what’s in the community as far as what the hospital has for jobs, she said. “There are a lot of different careers that the hospital employs from doctors to physicians to medical records to human resources.”

Clayton Denker, DCHS junior, was one of the many students in attendance at the event. He said he thought the fair was a useful tool for students and that the booths were informative.

“I’m pretty undecided about what I want to do after high school, and I feel like this (the fair) would help me decide on what my interests are and what my goal in life would be after high school,” Denker said. “All of them seem to be pretty informational.”

Wayne Moore, another DCHS junior, also attended the fair. He said he liked how the event showcased a variety of career paths.

“I just like how they bring out a lot of colleges, because like a lot of kids don’t get the exposure,” he said. “When you have a thing like this, it shows you how many colleges are in Nebraska and what they have to offer. “

Eric Schucht is a reporter for The Banner-Press. Reach him via email at eric.schucht@lee.net.

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