Brothers from Portage take circuitous paths to careers in chiropractic

September 22, 2018

Brothers from Portage thanked each other for the alignment of their careers in chiropractic care.

Upon graduating from Portage High School in 2008 and 2011, respectively, Kodi and Kasi Schroeder sat on different ideas. Kodi studied business finance at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, and then his younger brother enrolled in dental school at Marquette University.

“I was an innocent bystander for Kasi when he started touring the dental schools,” Kodi explained of the circumstances surrounding his choice in career, which will be officially underway once his practice opens Monday in Fitchburg.

“I just loved being in the science rooms,” Kodi said of the tours. “They take you through the labs and show you all the latest technology and talk about all the different things you’ll get to study. Everything just seemed so interesting.

“I wanted to learn more about the human body.”

Kodi enrolled in Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, where he earned his doctorate of chiropractic degree in October 2017. Before he graduated, however, Kasi joined his brother at a chiropractic seminar while still enrolled at Marquette.

It became Kasi’s turn to be the bystander.

“As I learned more and more about it,” Kasi said, “I said, ‘Hey, this is for me.’”

Kasi enrolled in Palmer in 2015, about a year after Kodi, and will earn his doctorate of chiropractic from the school in October. The younger brother plans to open his practice in Sun Prairie in March.

“We both got onto the same path by being bystanders,” Kodi said. “It’s funny how it all worked out.”

After untold hours of job shadowing in dental offices, Kasi’s decision to switch careers didn’t happen easily, but the experience could provide useful insight for those afraid of changing their mind.

“Because my heart had been so set on dentistry, switching was very tough for a while,” explained Kasi, who ultimately leaned on the support of Kodi and their parents, Leiah and Scott Schroeder, who still live in Portage.

Leiah Schroeder is an interventionist at John Muir Elementary School and Scott Schroeder is a real estate agent with First Weber and part-time pastor.

“You need to find what you love,” Kasi said.

Both Kasi and Kodi were varsity athletes at Portage High School, which they said contributed to their love for treating the human body.

Kasi had once suffered from lower back pain and digestive problems, “but after receiving (chiropractic) care, both of those problems went away,” he said. From there, his older brother “really helped to teach me how awesome the body is in its ability to heal itself.”

“The bottom line,” Kasi said, “is you change a lot as a person in college. Dentistry is an amazing profession, but it wasn’t for me.”

For finding the right career, Kodi credited good teachers and coaches at Portage High School as well as the experience he gained working for six years at Pierce’s Marketplace in Portage (now Festival Foods).

“The job really gave me the tools to be able to communicate and talk to anyone,” he said.

At his business, Cornerstone Family Chiropractic, Kodi will eventually work as a doctor in tandem with his wife, Mackenzie, after she graduates from Palmer. It had taken her a while to settle on a career in chiropractic care, too, as she originally wanted to be a pediatric oncologist.

“The biggest thing I could say is find something you’re passionate about, and turn that passion into a way to help people,” Kodi said. “That’s whether you’re helping people out of debt as financial analyst or helping students get a good start to life as teacher or helping people get healthier as a doctor or chiropractor.

“This is the best possible career for me because I get to do all of things I’m passionate about, all in the same day.”

For more information about Kodi’s new business, visit cornerstonefamilychiro.com.

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