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Bright And Brief

May 10, 1985

LONDON (AP) _ Artist Robert Pollak wanted to drape unmentionables - 1,000 pairs - on the surface of The Serpentine pond in Hyde Park.

That set off a panty panic. Parks officials said it wouldn’t be pretty. But a message from the top said it would be art.

Arts Minister Lord Gowrie intervened with the Royal Parks Authority, which had vetoed the plan, to recommend it be allowed.

″He considered it an acceptable form of art, although an unusual form,″ said Gowrie’s assistant, John Dowling.

Pollak, 30, believes the effect of all the bikini briefs floating on The Serpentine would be like the waterlily paintings by Claude Monet.Dowling said the plan was to float the briefs on May 20 or 21, and leave them out for only a half-day.


HAHNVILLE, La. (AP) - Fortunetellers who squabbled over territorial rights should have seen the outcome of that, say council members in St. Charles Parish. An ordinance passed this week prohibits anyone from making a profit by ″power to contact the spirits of the deceased, settle lovers’ quarrels, locate buried or hidden treasures, remove evil influences, foretell the result of lawsuits or bring together the bitterest of enemies.″

Authorities said the impetus for the ordinance stemmed from a physical fight between fortunetellers Salina and Frankie Costello and Helen Marks in which they punched and bit each other. Each side has filed an assault charge against the other.


PASADENA, Texas (AP) - Pamela Gibson has been trying to sell a piece of art for about 10 days.

″I had one serious call and a lot of people who called laughing,″ she said Thursday.

The work is a shrunken head. Ms. Gibson wants $4,500.

The head was part of an inheritance from her father. He got it from a Peruvian diplomat about 25 years ago, she said.

Appraiser Carl Provost suggested the price after researching the shunken head market. He said the head was that of a woman from the Jivaro tribe of Indians in Ecuador and possibly was a war trophy. He believes the woman lived in this century.

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