Student’s work now on exhibit at Columbus gallery

January 6, 2019

A new art exhibit is now on display in Columbus.

Nicole Woebbecke, of Albion, in 2018 was awarded the $250 Columbus Area Art Scholarship. Part of the prize is the opportunity to have the winner’s work on display at the Platte River Gallery.

The Boone Central High School graduate’s art will be available for viewing at the gallery located on the lower level of the Columbus Public Library, 2504 14th St., until the end of February. Part of the exhibit includes pencil drawings, canvas paintings and clay sculptures.

Jerene Kruse, Columbus Area Artists scholarship committee chairperson, said the award and exhibit are meant to encourage students to pursue the arts during their secondary education.

“It’s just really important that we recognize the arts and give them that extra little push so they do continue on in college and find a job in the art world,” Kruse said. “Kind of gives them a pat on the back for their accomplishments in high school.”

Woebbecke said she was surprised when she heard about her accomplishment, noting she didn’t expect to win since she was competing against students from larger schools, like Columbus High.

The student artist likes to draw and has a passion for digital art. She said she is happy she won and to have her art on display for all to see. Woebbecke said her art isn’t too complicated to produce and hopes it inspires others to make art as well.

“I was shocked that I got it,” Woebbecke said about getting the scholarship. “I’m excited because it’s nice to be able to show people what I can do and what they can do, too.”

Kruse said the committee was impressed by Woebbecke’s application, noting it was one of the first ones turned in. In it, Kruse said Woebbecke showcased a passion for the arts and expressed her desire to make a career for herself in the field.

“We felt that she really acted and wrote what she wanted to become,” Kruse said. “Her goals were the best of the applicants, strong art images.”

Kruse said the exhibit is a great opportunity to showcase a student’s work.

“Usually they’ve never had an exhibit for their work, so it’s kind of a cool thing,” Kruse said. “It’s just another way to recognize them and give them a chance to show off their work.”

Eligible scholarship applicants must plan on either majoring or minoring in an art-related field in college in order to qualify. Woebbecke is currently a graphic design student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She said she hopes to one day get a job where she’ll be able to artistically express herself - possibly something in advertising.

“I hope that I can promote art, as well as find a job that I’m really passionate about,” Woebbecke said, about her future goals.

Eric Schucht is a reporter for The Columbus Telegram. Reach him via email at eric.schucht@lee.net.

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