Let’s really put Americans first

January 4, 2019

Regardless of your media of choice, we are hit by a barrage of “America first” headlines every day. America first in economic policy. America first in deal making. America first in immigration policy. America first in our foreign relations and our worldview in general. Meanwhile, there are hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens, from North Carolina to California, trying to recover from the devastating aftermath of flooding, hurricane and tornado damage, and the horror of wildfires. Trying to put their lives back together is their daily headline. Isn’t it time to put those Americans first?

Tim Kilkenny

Santa Fe

Christmas melodies

Congratulations to two of our finest “born and bred in Santa Fe” musical organizations for their glorious holiday concerts — the Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra and Chorus’ joyous Christmas Eve offering, and Santa Fe Pro Musica’s extraordinary performance of the Brandenburg Concertos. But special bravas belong to two of the “originals,” Elaine Heltman, principal oboist with the orchestra, and Carol Redman, principal flutist with Santa Fe Pro Musica, who continue to inspire us with their brilliant music making.

Carol Ross

member, Santa Fe Chorus

Santa Fe

Let’s not forget

Many forget the resilient population of New Mexico that persevered for over 400 years. This state was settled by small farmers who provided for themselves without government assistance or programs of any kind. In most of the state, people raised their own food, tended animals, hunted and knew that their survival was self-dependent. For more than 200 years, my wife’s relatives raised gardens, canned food and practiced local medicines.

For the populace to rely entirely on the federal government now is a self-delusion that can only lead to real problems when the system is no longer sustainable.

Ed Forde


Breaking bad

Wanna end the government shutdown? How about a general strike? Everybody in the country just walk off the job until the government starts back up. I promise you, the shutdown would end in minutes.

Bo Brumble

Santa Fe

Icy and impassable

Rodriguez Street, less than a mile from the Plaza, is a dirt road that’s quickly impassable because it ices up quickly and stays iced up, thanks to all-day shade and a northwestern exposure. It’s got a steep hill with a vicious curve, too, which makes it dangerous to navigate. I know this well. I once slid into a telephone pole. On Jan. 1, a car slid off the road, and the hill is icier than ever. Maybe the city needs more equipment to keep all of its residents safe.

Pat Sharpe

Santa Fe

Paying for it

Like the late Herman I. Morris (“Trump’s wall: A naming opportunity,” 2018: The year that was, in letters, Dec. 30), at one time I also thought that Donald Trump himself should bear the cost of the border wall he desires so intently. But now that we have learned how scrupulous the Trump family is at paying its state and federal tax obligations, it seems clear that Trump would write off the construction costs of his extravagantly expensive wall as a huge public benefit. We would be left with a “beautiful wall” adorned along its way with “Trump” in golden letters, as well as an unpaid tax bill, a defiled landscape and a snook cocked at anyone wishing to enter our country from the south.

Lois Hammer

Santa Fe

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