Thanks to an inspirational teacher

September 16, 2018

Thank you for doing the story on Sept. 8, 2018, on former teacher Terry Trafton.

He was my absolute favorite teacher. He was always soft spoken and very well dressed. It is because of him that I have the love of science fiction literature. I came back to Kankakee after I served my country in the Army as a military police officer, and almost immediately was hired by the Kankakee Police Department, serving seven years before making a career change. As a police officer, I had to professionally deal with several of my former teachers (who were still teaching) under very disappointing circumstances.

Please relay to Mr. Trafton the wonderful lifelong gifts that he has given me. Firstly, being a positive role model, and secondly, the love of science fiction literature. He might not remember me, but tell him that I had a twin brother, and we graduated in 1980. Thank you again for the wonderful article about such a wonderful man. Congrats Mr. Trafton!

Sincerely, God bless.

Jeffrey Hines


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