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The Katie Beers Case: Cast of Characters With PM-Katie’s Abduction, Bjt

January 15, 1993

NEW YORK (AP) _ The cast of charactesr in the Katie Beers kidnapping case:

-Katie Beers: age 10, disappeared Dec. 28. News reports portrayed her as a wandering waif who lived with her mother in a ″pigsty,″ as the target of a custody battle, and as an attention-starved girl who would trust anyone who was nice to her.

-John Esposito: Family friend accused of keeping Katie captive in a bunker beneath his home for 16 days. The 43-year-old bachelor lived with his mother and brother in Bay Shore until their recent deaths. Friends said he was kind and fond of children. Police said he was arrested in 1977 for abducting a 12- year-old boy.

-Marilyn Beers: Katie’s mother. The 44-year-old unemployed cab driver lives in a messy, converted garage in Mastic, where neighbors recalled spotting Katie making late-night cigarette runs. The girl’s mother often left Katie with her godmother, even after accusing the woman’s husband of molesting Katie.

-Linda Inghilleri: The godmother. The 39-year-old woman was engaged in a bitter custody battle with Katie’s mother when the girl disappeared. She repeatedly called Marilyn Beers an unfit mother and recruited a psychic to help find Katie.

-Sal Inghilleri: The godmother’s husband. He was arrested Oct. 16 on charges of molesting Katie. Inghilleri, 39, denies the charge and is out on bail.

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