Edgewood and its neighbors should compromise -- Judd Schemmel

January 2, 2019

I’ve followed the debate about Edgewood High School’s athletic field in Madison. As a former president of Edgewood, I had the good fortune to work closely with the surrounding neighborhood associations.

Those living near Edgewood have a right to use and enjoy their properties. As a neighborhood fixture for over 100 years, Edgewood is entitled to this same consideration -- not more than its neighbors, but not less either.

The use and enjoyment for Edgewood, as a high school, is simply different from its neighbors. I trust leaders from all interested parties can craft a respectful compromise. To that end, use of the complex five nights per year, as suggested by a City Council member, is far from a respectful compromise.

Edgewood President Mike Elliott is a friend. His character is one of respect and fairness. While leadership of the neighborhoods is different from my tenure, it’s no less grounded in these same characteristics. Relationships ebb and flow. For Edgewood and its neighbors, their relationship has included building expansions, residence halls and altered traffic patterns.

People found common ground on this issues in the past. I don’t see why the same can’t be achieved now if people are genuinely interested in doing so.

Judd Schemmel, Madison

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