With 103 days in the 80s or above in Cleveland, 2018 ranks second on record

October 11, 2018

With 103 days in the 80s or above in Cleveland, 2018 ranks second on record

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Fall-like temperatures returned to Cleveland Thursday, but not before Northeast Ohio got a heavy dose of summer weather in October.

Six of the first 10 days of the month were in the 80s, capping (if the heat doesn’t return) what has been an unusual year for some high temperatures.

Before the winter weather hits, here are some parting facts about the heat of 2018, based on cleveland.com research of National Weather Service data:

103 - Cleveland has had 103 days with highs of at least 80 degrees this year. This is the second highest total on record. In 2016, Cleveland had 110 80-degree or higher days. That broke the record of 102 set in 2010.

57 percent - Better than half the days (57 percent) were 80 degrees or above from the first 80-plus reading of the year on April 13 through the last (to date) on Wednesday. That’s 103 80-degree or higher days out of 181.

27 - There were 27 80-degree or higher days in the 31-day month of August. This was the third highest total on record in Cleveland, behind 29 in both 1947 and 2016.

26 - There were 26 80-degree or higher days in July. That’s the second highest number for a month in 2018, but far from a record. In 1955, all 31 July days were at least 80 degrees.

Plus 29 - The 103 days of 80 degrees or higher this year is 29 days above the average of 74.3. This average is calculated from 1939, when the official weather reporting station was moved from the lakefront to what is now Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Temperatures differ downtown, closer to the lake.

Plus 12 - While the average number of 80-degree or higher days since 1939 is 74.3 a year, the average is 86.4 since 2010 - an increase of 12.1 a year on average.

Rich Exner, data analysis editor for cleveland.com, writes about numbers on a variety of topics. Follow on Twitter @RichExner. 



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