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Tabloid: Lisa Marie Presley to Divorce Michael Jackson

August 18, 1995

LONDON (AP) _ Lisa Marie Presley plans to divorce Michael Jackson after just 15 months of marriage for taking two teen-age boys on a trip to Paris, the Daily Mirror reported today.

Jackson denied the claims as ``garbage.″

In a front-page story, the tabloid quoted an unnamed Presley aide as saying, ``Lisa Marie thought she loved the guy, but now she thinks she can never get close to him.″

``She was really angry when he went abroad with the small boys,″ the aide was quoted as telling Britain’s second-largest newspaper.

Answering fans’ questions during on the Internet Thursday night, Jackson denied the report that his wife has contacted lawyers to get a ``quickie divorce″ next month in the Dominican Republic, where the couple wed in May 1994.

``Never believe the tabloid garbage,″ he said. ``Don’t waste your time or money.″

In today’s story, the Mirror said Jackson took two brothers, ages 11 and 14, to Disneyland Paris and then Switzerland. Jackson ``is an old friend,″ the paper quoted their father as saying.

The newspaper published a photograph of Jackson, his face covered with a surgical-type mask, apparently walking through an airport with two boys wearing tracksuits and baseball caps, their heads bowed.

In 1993, a 13-year-old boy claimed Jackson molested him during a five-month relationship. The pop star denied the allegations and has not been charged. The boy and Jackson settled a lawsuit last year for a reported $15 million.

Jackson is suing the Mirror for reports it published in 1992 that his features had become ``hideously distorted″ by plastic surgery. In January, he announced he was suing two other British tabloids, The Sun and Today, over reports there is a videotape showing him having sex with a boy.

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