Emergence of butterfly

August 18, 2018

Editor, Daily Times

Thank you Cheryl Herold for the pictures showing a miracle of God in the transformation of a chrysalis to the emergence of a fully formed butterfly. This is a wonderful example of God-designed creation. This creature will join thousands of other monarch butterflies on a flight to a place in Mexico where it will rest before returning to the U.S. This migration is another miracle created by God that makes us praise and thank Him for the wonders of nature.

There are many different kinds of butterflies that range in size from half an inch to a wingspan of over 11 inches on those that live in the tropics. You can tell that God loves small creatures and cares for them. He also loves bright colors that you see in the variety of birds, flowers and butterflies. Keep that in mind when you enjoy God’s world.

Lois Kirkpatrick

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