‘Fake invoices’ add mystery to Paul Manafort trial

August 2, 2018

Two more witnesses testifying Thursday in the trial of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort identified what appeared to be fraudulent invoices from their companies.

Although prosecutors have not disclosed thesignificance of the documents, two witnesses on Wednesday also told jurors invoices purportedly from their businesses appeared to be forged.

Joel Maxwell, who operates an audiovisual installation company was shown an invoice for $163,000 that his company allegedly sent Mr. Manafort.

Mr. Maxwell said he hadn’t seen the bill before and noted numerous discrepancies between it and his company’s invoices.

Among the problems were an incorrect address and his company was listed as an LLC, which it is not.

Later, Michael Regolicio, a landscaper, told jurors a similar story. He said was unfamiliar with two invoices that didn’t include his company’s name, full address or logo.

Mr. Regolicio said he “didn’t issue the invoice.”

When asked if it was fake, Mr. Regolicio said he believed it was.

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