Your Turn: Dec. 1

December 1, 2018

Trump braveRe: “U.S. ideals sold to highest bidder,” Another View, by Otto Gallaher, Monday, and “A bad bet on a bad man in Saudi Arabia,” Editorial, Tuesday:The Express-News prints some outrageous commentary, including the rant by Otto Gallaher deriding President Donald Trump’s views and leadership over the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Saudi Arabia.Mr. Gallaher had it all wrong from the start, asserting, “Mr. Khashoggi’s unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness was alienated by (Saudi Arabia).” Such rights for the victim ended when he departed American soil, for our Constitution and its unalienable rights do not extend beyond American borders.Khashoggi was warned about the dangers facing him in a hostile country like Saudi Arabia, where retribution in the style of “The Sopranos” is the norm. That he was allegedly decapitated at the palace is stunning — and very “Soprano”-like — after which he reportedly was cut into pieces.Trump has shown remarkably pragmatic leadership in not sacrificing our diplomatic relationship with the Saudi prince by applying American standards on a foreign nation not evolved beyond Hammurabi’s Code. Our president has acted courageously, rather than cowardly, as asserted so wrongly by the writer.Greg NusselBalance, pleaseThe picture of the mother and baby (with an oxygen mask) on the front page of the Nov. 27 edition brought two questions to mind.First, why does a mother bring a baby to a riot?Second, why doesn’t your paper balance the coverage by publishing a picture of the Guatemalans and Hondurans throwing rocks and bottles at our protectors?Steve WeakleyVibrant judiciaryRe: “Judges too powerful,” Your Turn, Nov. 25:This letter claims, with distorted “facts,” that the judiciary is filled with liberals holding the country “hostage.”The fact is, only stable democracies support a vibrant judiciary, though the current president’s stacking of it with staunch conservatives undermines that goal. Dictatorships thrive in the absence of an independent judiciary, as we can see from the relentless attack on any judge who holds the government to constitutional standards.If our fake president has his way, there is no hope for our democracy.Michael Aratingi

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