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Loose Bull Scatters Crowd at Mississippi State Fair

October 5, 1990

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) _ A 2,000-pound Brahman bull got loose at the Mississippi State Fair, scattering crowds and bowling over pursuers.

″If it had of been any other kind of bull but a Brahman, we could have walked right up to it,″ said Jamie Cox, 24, of Edwards. ″But Brahmans are mean.″

The bull snapped its rope behind a barn Thursday night and wandered into a field where cars and livestock trailers were parked. Then the bull, apparently frightened by a growing circle of onlookers, stormed toward the midway.

″I looked up and saw a lot of scary looks like there was a gang fight,″ said Johnny Minninger, 32, of Madison. ″All of a sudden, a bull came out of the crowd with about 50 people chasing it.″

Fire Lt. Rudy Brooks suffered a blow to his left knee when he tangled with the bull. He said it knocked him into a trailer and under it.

″I had him around the head trying to keep from getting my insides squashed out,″ Brooks said.

The bull took off ″straight out toward and directly past the front gate, made his way to Kiddy Land, past the circus and cut across the midway,″ said Harold Roosa III, 27, of Kansas City, Mo., a Bluegrass Shows employee.

As it sped past the circus, the bull belted a man in a wheelchair, Roosa said. The man was uninjured.

The growing crowd steered the bull into a left turn, past a concession stand, and into the livestock judging arena where it was corralled with a makeshift cage.

″We brought in another bull and a heifer to tame him down,″ Brooks said.

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