Moron of the Morning: Man Sells Heroin Across From Police Station

October 13, 2018

A Pennsylvania man who was allegedly dealing drugs from an apartment across the street from the city police station was arrested Tuesday night and a large amount of heroin and cash were seized.

The equivalent of 2,600 stamp bags of suspected heroin in the form of bricks and prepackaged bags and nearly $40,000 in cash were found in the West Main Street apartment of Aaron L. Webb, 36, said Chief Brian Tempest. The apartment is across the street from the police department, he added. “There were a large amount of drugs and a large amount of money,” Tempest said. “There was cash all over the place.”

He said it took officers less than 24 hours to arrest Webb after receiving an anonymous tip about what was taking place. Tempest said his officers investigated the claims quickly, got a search warrant and seized the drugs and money. The source, Tempest said, told police vehicles frequently parked near the house, and people entered for 30 seconds and left. Police seized $39,175 in cash, and the drugs, which also included three large bags of marijuana, were valued at $26,000.

Just before 8 p.m. Tuesday, police knocked on Webb’s door with a warrant in hand, according to court paperwork. When he didn’t answer, they breached the door and found him lying on the couch. In a bedroom, police found 38 bricks of heroin in a safe, three bricks and 11 bags in a hollowed-out shaving cream can, 42 bags of heroin in a closet and the marijuana. They also found money in a plastic bag, loose cash on the floor by a pile of dirty clothes and rolls of money in the pockets of a coat.

In total, police seized $11,440 from the home and an additional $27,735 from a safe Webb kept in a storage unit, police said. Webb voluntarily gave police the combination to that safe, they said. According to the complaint, Webb told police he wanted to cooperate in the hope it would help reduce his charges and his sentence.

Webb was charged with a single felony count of delivery or possession with intent to deliver drugs. A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for 11 a.m. Oct. 17 before District Judge Mark Wilson. Webb is currently lodged in Washington County jail with bond set at $100,000.

-Washington County Observer-Reporter: https://observer-reporter.com/news/localnews/monongahela-man-allegedly-dealing-drugs-across-street-from-police-station/article_6ce6cea6-ccbc-11e8-8cdf-23438bf457d8.html

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