Dazzling displays light up the night

December 21, 2018

Is there anything more emblematic of the holiday season than a good light display? As the weather gets colder, it’s only fair that we should have something to cheer up the long, dark nights.

Flashing lights. Colorful lawn ornaments. Inflatable snowmen. There’s nothing better than bundling up, packing a few thermoses of hot cocoa or cider, and seeing the sights.

And boy, do we have a selection here.

We highlighted a few – very few! – of our favorite Rochester light displays here. But you can find more on our website, postbulletin.com.

1413 14th St. NE: In the spirit of full disclosure, we have to tell you that this home belongs to PB photographer Andrew Link, who’s well-known around the office for keeping the Christmas spirit alive year-round (except in October, which is Halloween decoration time). It’s also our favorite house on this list. Tune your radio to 95.7 and watch the lights dance (and Christmas tree lip-sync) along to your holiday favorites.

1434 13th Ave. NE: This sparkly entry proves that any tree can be a Christmas tree, as long as you hang enough baubles from it.

Northern Heights Dr. NE: On your way out of NE, swing down this road and look to the side for an annual array of dazzlingly decorated trees.

2209 22nd St. NW: Cartoon characters everywhere! For a taste of childhood, swing by this Northwest home. Also, props to the owner(s) for stringing lights up not just on the trees or roof, but all over this beaut. A-plus effort.

702 Westwood Ct. NW: This one is truly hard to miss with giant, lit-up Christmas trees, candy canes, stars, and snowmen in the front lawn. Just lovely.

1615 38th St. NW: We like the festive, multicolored feel of this home, as well as the kitschy ornaments. Say ‘Hi’ to Santa and his reindeer as you drive past!

2551 13th Ave. NW: Sometimes more is more. That’s definitely the case at our last Northwest home, which mashes up lights, signs, and light-up figurines in a Christmasy selection.

435 12th Ave. SE: Last but not least, you can see Santa outside this residence on certain dates. Check the sign outside for his visiting hours!

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