Poem: A Tribute to The Mayor

January 1, 2019

By the end of 2018

Ardell Brede will have served

the city as Mayor for 16 years.

His heart, his personality, his disposition, his priorities,

the loss of this man will move many to tears.

His main purpose in all things

Was to do right by the people

who live and work here.

To be accessible and responsive.

Even in his decision not to run again

In spite of loving the job and

probably his personal ambition,

He did what he thought would be best for the city.

A city engaged in growth

And a healthful future without condition.

In making choices for whom to appoint, he never thought

Whom do I like?

Rather, who was best qualified, most experienced,

best trained or competent to

serve the city.

No age or sex discrimination or discrimination of any kind

But who can serve the city best chosen with an open mind.

With the biggest heart, he consistently sought an inclusive community.

Driven by compassion and love for all the people

he pursued his goals for service

always working for city-wide unity.

His job as Mayor was as hard as any in your imagination.

Being gregarious, friendly,

always optimistic in every


Over a thousand meetings of all kinds each year

Locally, statewide,nationally and internationally without fear.

His commitment to the arts granted our city a reputation

of culture; and education

was enhanced by the innovative development of the UMR University

Along with a workforce of

great skills and diversity.

His work continued with Destination Medical Center

as he started with health care

And with innovative DMC growth will probably end there.

In this time of retirement and change when we need a sense of history and continuity

As always he will ask what is best for the city he loves

In perpetuity.

So thank you. Mayor Brede

For the love you gave us all

For the caring leadership

You brought to city hall.

May we experience your honesty, ethics and lack of corruption

Going forward without disruption.

God bless, good health and long life.

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