AGR Marketing Solutions Introduces INTELLI-LINK(R) To Unify Disconnected Consumer Identities and Enhance Marketing Profiles

August 20, 2018

PUNTA GORDA, FL / ACCESSWIRE / August 20, 2018 / AGR Marketing Solutions, LLC, a leader in delivering “On-Target” Consumer Marketing Profiles, today unveils INTELLI-LINK® to combat the Consumer Identity Crisis that faces today’s marketers. This crisis continues to evolve as identity attributes change more frequently, the Internet introduces new and diverse identity components, and consumers interact on-line with various degrees of anonymity on multiple devices - aka the Internet of Things (IoT). INTELLI-LINK® addresses these challenges with innovative interrogation and linking technology. The goal is for consumers to receive individualized offers that match their interests, through the marketing media(s) that they use, at the time they are most likely to act. The result is better served consumers and higher ROI on marketing investments.

Stephen Harwick, AGR Founder & CEO states, “INTELLI-LINK® analyzes a consumer’s presence, frequency and recency across compliant data sources and channels. Understanding these intersections provides more reliable and deeper consumer insight for marketing plans - and - multi-source contact details enable consistent omni-channelcross media marketing. Early results have exceeded expectations from individualized messaging for social media marketers to enhanced geo-fencing, reachability & media mix for Big Box Retail.”


Increases confidence in unified consumer identity & preferences, enhances over 40% of traditional consumer databases, identifies over 40% more target audience, links demographic, psychographic, on-line behavior & off-line data, offers industry specific data points, analytics, scores & intersections, captures IoT data including device preferences and details, delivers omni-channel contact detailsIs delivered standalone or as a database append, improves targeting new customers, growing customer relationships, on-boarding and activating new customers, and reviving dormant customers.

AGR Marketing Solutions, LLC is known for blending diverse and unique data with innovative linking technologies to create highly precise “On-Target” Consumer Marketing Profiles. Industries served include Automotive, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, Consumer Credit, Financial Services, Direct Mail, On-line & Email Marketing, Consumer Data Companies, and Advertising & Marketing Agencies. The company was founded by Stephen Harwick who has over 40 years’ experience in technology & data enabled marketing solutions. Learn more at www.agrmarketingsolutions.com, on Linkedin, or download the AGR overview including an INTELLI-LINK® case study.


Stephen Harwick


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SOURCE: AGR Marketing Solutions, LLC

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