New Publication on Counsyl’s Foresight™ Carrier Screen Validates the Highly Accurate Detection of Couples At-Risk for Children With Serious Disease

May 15, 2018

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 15, 2018--Counsyl, a genetic screening company, announced that has published its research study titled, “Validation of an Expanded Carrier Screen That Optimizes Sensitivity Via Full-Exon and Panel-Wide Copy-Number-Variant Identification.” The study validates that the recently updated Foresight™ Carrier Screen has high accuracy (>99.99%) for identifying genetic mutations that determine a couple’s risk of an affected pregnancy. The study also highlights that Foresight identified 4.5 percent of tested couples (1-in-22) as being at-risk for an affected pregnancy. The enhancements to Foresight discussed in the manuscript increase detection of potentially affected pregnancies by an estimated 50 percent over the previous version. One such improvement is the inclusion of panel-wide deletion and select duplication analysis, which is expected to provide a 10 percent boost in detection of risk for affected pregnancies compared to expanded carrier screening (ECS) offerings that do not screen for deletions and duplications. Further, the study presents a custom assay that provides high at-risk couple detection for 21-hydroxylase-deficient congenital adrenal hyperplasia (21-OH CAH), a common condition often absent from ECS panels due to its technical complexity.

“The data revealed in this latest study shows that by using limited carrier screening or low-sensitivity expanded carrier screens, providers are missing at-risk couples,” said James Goldberg, MD, chief medical officer at Counsyl. “It is clear that by using a high-sensitivity assay, clinicians can provide patients with more clinically relevant and actionable information than in the past when only high-risk patients were screened for the most common disorders.”

Counsyl is the U.S. leader and pioneer of expanded carrier screening (ECS). The company has produced more than 25 peer-reviewed publications over the last 10 years, seeking to advance the science of genetic screening. This latest research adds to the large body of evidence supporting the clinical value of ECS and Foresight.

This latest study builds on earlier research, including:

A 2016 study published in JAMA, titled “Modeled Fetal Risk of Genetic Diseases Identified by Expanded Carrier Screening,” which showed that ECS outperforms current screening standards in terms of elucidating carrier risk in a diverse population and across a variety of serious genetic conditions A 2017 study from Genetics in Medicine, titled “Systematic Design and Comparison of Expanded Carrier Screening Panels,” which revealed the importance of utilizing full-exon sequencing and screening for diseases with high prevalence and complex molecular genetics when designing ECS panels

The Clinical Chemistry study presents additional evidence of the clinical impact of the Foresight ECS panel. The study found that 1-in-300 pregnancies are expected to be affected by a serious inherited condition screened on the updated Foresight panel. This rate is higher than the 1-in-3,300 pregnancies expected to be affected due to mutations on the traditional 23-mutation cystic fibrosis screen, and it also surpasses the rate of 1-in-550 for a previous version of the Foresight panel, highlighting the importance of maximizing panel sensitivity. Further, the rate of pregnancies affected with serious conditions whose elevated risk is expected to be identified via Foresight also exceeds the incidence of routinely screened disorders like Down syndrome, which occurs in approximately 1-in-800 births.

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