MIAMI (AP) _ A 19-year-old man who wore a hat with blinking colored lights while raping a high school student has been sentenced to 685 years in jail.

Judge Ted Mastos on Wednesday declared Richard Utan Bailey ''a menace,'' and slapped him with five consecutive 134-year prison terms for three counts of sexual battery, one of kidnapping and one of armed robbery, then added a maximum 15 years because Bailey was on probation on a weapons charge.

''I didn't rape her,'' said Bailey, who was convicted last month. He had refused a plea-bargain agreement for a 17-year sentence.

During the trial, prosecutor Scott Sakin accused Bailey of raping the girl in his home, forcing her at gunpoint into the trunk of her car, driving her to another neighborhood and forcing her out of the car.

The girl told police the man who raped her after offering to help her with directions had been wearing a distinctive flashing hat. Sakin offered the hat as evidence.

Bailey also is a suspect in three rapes in New York, Sakin said.