Socialism doesn’t work in France -- Bruce Nichols

September 12, 2018

The writer of the Aug. 30 letter to the editor ” Democratic socialism works in Europe ” is misinformed about how well the democratic version of socialism used by Europeans is working compared to our system in the United States.

France, for example, had seen about 600 factories close since 2009, and recently saw record high unemployment. Its public debt has nearly surpassed its entire economy, the government accounts for more than half of the country’s gross domestic product and they have serious demographic challenges in their midst. In 2013, France had to use U.S. military cargo planes to transport French troops and equipment to its former colony of Mali. Like all of Europe, France’s sovereignty and security is ultimately guaranteed by American taxpayers.

France is stuck in a prolonged winter of decline with historic high youth unemployment and generous entitlement benefits coming for aging generations of retirees. Furthermore, France’s leftward lurch has lead to a generation of young people without a good job and raised to demand rather than earn.

Does it sound like democratic socialism is working well in France?

Bruce Nichols, Fitchburg

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