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August 17, 2015

“They have to go. What they’re doing, they’re having a baby. And then all of a sudden, nobody knows...the baby’s here.” — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” arguing in favor of ending the constitutionally protected citizenship rights of children of any family living illegally inside the U.S.


“It is simply not fair, or honorable, to ask black Mississippians to attend schools, compete in athletic events, work in the public sector, serve in the National Guard, and go about their normal lives with a state flag that glorifies a war fought to keep their ancestors enslaved.” — Jimmy Buffett, John Grisham, Morgan Freeman, former New Orleans Saints quarterback Archie Manning and other famous current and former Mississippi residents in a letter titled “A Flag for All of Us,” asking the state to remove the Confederate battle emblem from its flag.


“The City of Atlanta is in mourning today. We have lost one of our heroes.” — President Barack Obama, reacting to the death of civil rights activist Julian Bond.

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