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Father of Quads Gets His Day’s Pay Back

November 30, 1994

NEW YORK (AP) _ Isaac Agyemang’s wife had four babies last week so he took three days off. Perhaps he thought his boss, father-of-four Donald Trump, would understand.

But the maintenance man at Trump’s plush Plaza Hotel had only two days of time off coming to him, so the Plaza docked him a day’s pay - $105.

Then, late Tuesday, the Plaza changed its mind.

″We have worked everything out with Mr. Agyemang to pay him for the extra vacation day he took to be with his wife and new family,″ the hotel said in a statement.

The hotel president, Patrick O’Malley, had said earlier he had no choice but to deduct the salary.

Agyemang had used up his 10 vacation days, six sick days and one personal day during the first 11 months of 1994. That left him with just two personal days to take after the quadruplets were born last week.

″I’m happy for him and his wife, but if I give him extra additional time off, I’ve got to give it to 1,250 other employees,″ O’Malley said. ″He knew when the baby was due, and he used up his time.″

Agyemang, who works the midnight shift, could not be reached for comment Tuesday. He was not at work and a home telephone listing for him was disconnected.

Trump declined to comment.

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