San Benito High School Creative Writing Club hosts community poetry night

December 27, 2018

SAN BENITO —Former High School Creative Writers Club President Jonathan Rodriguez gripped the wooden podium and took in a deep breath before proceeding to read a poem he wrote about his older brother.

“Jan. 2, 2016, that’s the day you left,” Rodriguez began reading. “That day you left me feeling so hurt and so confused.”

After a brief pause to maintain his composure he proceeded to read.

“I thought you were happy, but it turns out we were all wrong,” he said. “I know it sounds selfish, but I hate myself for not knowing.”

He believes poetry is an outlet for people who want to express their feelings.

San Benito High School Creative Writers Club hosted a Poetry Night reading where students, graduates and Valley poets shared words of inspiration and read several poems they had written.

San Benito High School Creative Writers Club Sponsor Kay Marquez Rojas said the school had a wide range of students with different back stories that they wanted to share with people. She believes writing helps them do that.

Rojas also believes Poetry Nights are a great opportunity for students to practice their creativity and see that there are writers in the Valley.

“Writers are sprinkled throughout, even in San Benito,” Rojas said. “So, we want the students to see that their dreams are not pipe dreams and can accomplish great things if they just stick with it.”

Edinburg Poet Julieta Corpus read some of her own poems during the poetry reading and offered words of advice to the aspiring poets.

“Keep your minds and eyes wide open because the world is filled with beauty and inspiration that could come from anything, such as a tree, current events, feelings and even your family history,” Corpus said. “These are memories that you’re putting down on paper that will be there forever for future generations to read so keep writing and share it with someone.”

Creative Writers Club President Emily Garcia believes poems are “powerful and beautiful gifts.”

“I’m so glad people came to Poetry Night and were able to express themselves,” Garcia said with a smile. “Poems show who you are and I encourage everyone to write because it’s like writing your timeline.”

Rojas said she was very proud of the Creative Writing Club for organizing the poetry reading.

“I told them, if they wanted to do things like this, then we have to work together and they came through because they wanted it,” she explained. “So, the plan is to host more of these.”


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