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Gunman in Sacramento Siege Had Troubled Work Record With State

March 27, 1993

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) _ A gunman killed by police during a siege in a state office building had a troubled work history that included drinking, scaring people with a gun and falsifying records, it was reported Saturday.

Jim Ray Holloway, 53, a former highway patrol officer and state investigator, was killed after holding hostages for about an hour Friday.

Holloway told his hostages at the state Board of Equalization that he was having trouble with back taxes. Police said he had a stack of tax documents with him.

″He had gone to the Board of Equalization to, unfortunately, try to resolve it with a shotgun, a carbine rifle, a .45-caliber pistol, a revolver,″ said Deputy Police Chief Fred Arthur.

Holloway was a California Highway Patrol officer from 1966 to 1972, working in Los Angeles, Tracy and Stockton before going to work as an investigator for the state Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

Twelve years after becoming an investigator, he was disciplined for getting drunk and frightening a group of campers with a gun, the Los Angeles Times reported Saturday.

Holloway was also found to have filed false daily reports stating that he was working when he was absent from the job. His salary was cut 5 percent a year and he resigned in 1985.

The six or seven hostages were not harmed but hundreds of tax-board workers fled their offices and a few were treated for breathing difficulties, dizziness and other problems.

Police said Holloway fired several shots outside the Board of Equalization building, handcuffed a security guard to a parking meter and shot his way through a locked security door in the lobby. He threatened workers on the 11th floor and took hostages on the 18th floor.

Holloway told the hostages to lie on the floor and said he would not be taken alive, Arthur said.

He was shot about an hour later when he pointed his shotgun at police officers, said police spokesman Michael Heenan.

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