Bob Brooks, Jon McCabe face off in 54th Pa. House district race

November 30, 2018

The 54th Pennsylvania House of Representatives District is located in Allegheny and Westmoreland counties and includes Allegheny Township, Export, Lower Burrell, Murrysville, Upper Burrell Township and a portion of Penn Township.

Bob Brooks

1. What are the three biggest issues facing your district?

More jobs: My focus will be on keeping the economy stimulated so employment is possible. Job creation is key for me.

Increased transparency: Limit the cost and growth of government and make it more transparent.

Smaller government: Reduce the influence of government in all our lives.

2. How would you address them?

On jobs, I’d accomplish this by reducing regulations that slow growth and hold down tax increases. Improving the tax base and corporate profits will grow tax revenues so the state has more money to pay expenses without taxing people more.

To increase transparency, I will make the state representative job a service to residents, not a monetary career. I will not take a pension or free car, nor will I take per diems, ... and will donate my salary to charity and service the needs of my district. ... I will also focus to eliminate gifts from lobbyists for all.

On a smaller government, I will accomplish this by getting the government out of running businesses. ... I will work to keep government from limiting our rights by trying to make too many laws. I will help to return controls from state to local governments, where the representatives know better what their constituents want and need.

3. How will you make a difference while in office?

By focusing on the three key aforementioned issues, I will make a difference because we will be able to keep our young people here and improve the quality of life for all people so that they can raise their families in Pennsylvania.

Note: Jon McCabe did not respond to a questionnaire request.

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