Malevolent Maughan

August 22, 2018

Hey, Maughan, listen up, I can lower my usual speech style and converse in “dumb ass” just like you did in the Sunday ISJ hit piece on Trump with your name attached to it! Firstly, Trump is right about California and the millions of ILLEGAL ALIENS that voted for CROOKED Hillary! Does he hate it? I doubt it, as there are still some good people there and Ronald Reagan’s Presidential Library is in Simi Valley there.

Secondly, you need to go to Yuma, Arizona and view the Colorado River there just before it flows out of the good ole USA. There has always been water in the river when I’ve been there and I go there a lot, as my son and his family live there. So, your claim of ALL the water being withdrawn by Arizona and California is as false as CNN fake news!

Thirdly, removing fuel load in the form of dead trees a not a bad idea. When I lived in Oregon, I got my firewood in the national forests by sawing up and removing fallen dead trees and snags. This helped to remove potential fuel to be consumed and contribute to forest fires. It was and is a win-win for the Forest Service and the public.

Fourthly, wildfires and forest fires are contained by fuel removal, which can be from elimination and/or making fuel material difficult to kindle. Boots on the ground are a must and the firefighters that occupy those boots do the necessary functions to corral a fire. During the Thomas fire in Southern California, my wife and I witnessed water scooping operations in Ventura County by multiple helicopters and dumped on leading edges of the fire. We saw zero slurry drops, as they are often ineffective and they contaminate the water killing fish, as well as dangerous for the large tankers in unpredictable wind currents around fires. We live in Ojai, California which was surrounded by Thomas fire.

I could go on and rebut all of your fallacious, so called talking points but I have made my point(s) and refuse to waste more of my time on your article.

Ron Baker,

Ojai, CA

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