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Shot Fired at U.S. Embassy; Terrorist Groups Claims Attack

February 13, 1991

BONN, Germany (AP) _ The terrorist Red Army Faction claimed responsibility for firing bursts of submachine gun fire at the U.S. Embassy on Wednesday evening. No one was injured in the attack, police and embassy officials said.

A letter sealed in clear plastic and bearing the group’s emblem was found on the east side of the Rhine River, directly across from the embassy, said Hans-Juergen Foerster, a spokesman for the federal prosecutor’s office.

Hesse state radio said the Red Army letter found by police referred to the group’s opposition to the Persian Gulf War.

Foerster said 15 shots hit the embassy walls. About 60 shots were fired, police said.

U.S. embassy spokesman Cornelius Walsh said small arms fire hit the embassy’s chancellory building, about 50 yards from the banks of the Rhine, causing some damage.

The Red Army Faction waged an assassination and bombing campaign against leading capitalists and Western military targets in the 1970s and early 1980s, but many of its leaders were arrested. Last summer the group set off a bomb near the car of a senior Interior Ministry official. He was slightly injured.

A couple living in Koenigswinter, on the east bank of the Rhine, said they saw three men wearing bulky jackets hurrying from the river after the shooting.

Following the attack, police and embassy security guards reinforced roadblocks in a neighborhood a few miles north of the embassy, where most Americans in Bonn live.

A government statements said Chancellor Helmut Kohl had contacted U.S. Ambassador Vernon Walters and expressed his ″deep regret″ over the incident.

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