Rose Byrne: Parenting is ‘overwhelming’

December 18, 2018

Rose Byrne finds being a parent “so overwhelming”.

The 39-year-old actress - who has Rocco, two, and Rafa, 13 months, with her husband Bobby Cannavale - has admitted raising kids is “particularly challenging”, and explained that no advice from others can really “prepare” someone from the responsibility.

Speaking to TV WEEK, she said: ”[Parenthood] doesn’t come with a manual and no matter how many friends tell you stuff nothing can really prepare you for it.”

Her comments come after she hit out at the Internet for placing “so much aspiration around motherhood”, as she thinks it forces people to believe they have to have children in order to succeed.

She recently said: “There is so much aspiration around motherhood and fatherhood and families, particularly around social media.”

Rose stars in new movie ‘Instant Families’ with Mark Wahlberg in which she shows the downside of fostering three children, and she previously insisted the film is important because it shows people that it’s “okay” to feel “uncomfortable”.

She explained: “Presenting these sorts of ideas is what life is like in reality. I felt so exposed. Then I realised that’s what it’s supposed to feel like, I am supposed to feel uncomfortable and that’s OK.”

The star admitted her home has become more “hectic” with a new addition to the family, and said it’s Rafa who causes the most fights between the two siblings, as she and Bobby are always telling the tot to “take it easy”.

She added: “It’s pretty hectic. It’s funny, the little guy is a lot more aggressive than the big guy. He just goes in for the tackle and loves to pin him down. [Rocco is very patient], he’s kind of like ‘Oh get away from me’. And we’re like ‘Rafa take it easy! Take it easy!’ ”

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