Officer-involved shooting shuts down North Monroe Street at Fairview in North Spokane

January 24, 2019

Spokane police have cordoned off a section of North Monroe Street after a burst of gunfire from Spokane police officers erupted near the parking lot of a grocery store Wednesday afternoon.

Police confirmed it was an officer-involved shooting Wednesday just after 4 p.m. No details on who was involved and an extent of injuries was immediately available.

Witnesses said they reported hearing multiple gunshots coming from an area near the parking lot of Andy’s Market grocery store, 3004 N. Monroe St., as a group of police officers swarmed the area.

One witness named Ryan Riggin captured the shooting on video, but he declined to share it with media. It appeared to a show a man walking toward a Spokane police officer. When the man was about 5 feet away, the officer shoots him at least four times. It was unclear due to the video quality whether the man was holding a weapon.

Nathan Sallee, who operates Furniture Outpost across the street, said minutes before the shooting the man had run into the middle of the street, where he was yelling and swearing.

“He was just being crazy and cursing and slurring,” Sallee said. “And then he disappeared for about five minutes.”

Sallee said the man entered the grocery store and a few minutes later, several police cars pulled up. He said he saw three officers exit their vehicles, some of them holding assault rifles, and stop near their vehicles in the alleyway area between the store and Franz Bakery Outlet.

While he couldn’t see the shooting due to the angle of where he was standing, he said he heard at least three gun shots.

His friends in the store, however, reportedly saw the man walk toward the officers with a knife or weapon in his hand.

“And then they yelled drop the knife,” Sallee said. “And then I heard about three shots.”

Christopher Gray, who posted a photo of the scene shortly after the shooting to Facebook, said he walked up the parking lot just as shots were being fired from Spokane police officers.

“I was super stunned what I heard,” he wrote in a Facebook message. “I can’t be definite on how many shots or the amount of officers.”

Gray said he talked to a witness who reportedly saw the victim exit the store before being shot by police.

Linda Nagyfy, who works at a store nearby, heard four shots at around 3:50 p.m., but didn’t see anything. She said a passerby told her a bullet hole was in a fence near Andy’s Market.

Drivers are being advised to avoid Monroe, specifically to find an alternate route between Indiana and Garland for the next several hours.

This story is developing.

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