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EMS Helps Mother Give Birth - Mother Cow, That Is

May 30, 1991

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) _ An emergency medical technician and his commander were quick to respond when they were called upon to help a mother in distress during labor. But this was no average mom - it was a cow.

Joe Granberry, a senior paramedic with Austin Emergency Medical Services, had never delivered a baby - human or bovine - until last Friday.

‴I’ve been with EMS 11 years, 10 with Austin,″ he said. ″And when I finally go out in the field for a birth, it turns out to be a bull.″

Granberry, 32, and EMS shift commander Gordon Bergh had been attending a workshop at Texas A&M University last week.

The two stopped at a small country store, where an elderly farmer was seeking someone to assist one of his cows, which had been in labor all night.

Bergh is a self-described ″city slicker″ from Los Angeles but he has some farming experience. Granberry’s father had a farm outside Corpus Christi, and the paramedic had often watched - but never assisted - in birthing animals.

Upon reaching the cow, which was in obvious distress, Bergh slipped his hand inside the birth canal to see if he could reposition the calf.

″There was no option,″ he said. ″We pulled the feet, gave it about four tugs, and broke the calf loose.″

The paramedics at first worried that the calf had died during the ordeal. But Granberry got the cow to stand up. Within 15 minutes, she had nudged her calf into nursing.

Bergh said they then told the farmer they usually used their medical skills on human beings.

″He said, ’I’ll never be this lucky again 3/8‴ Bergh said.

Granberry said he took photos of the newborn.

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